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#2: The 3 Gunas & Acidity and Alkalinity

In yoga philosophy, we learn that the three basic qualities or attitudes found in Prakriti (nature) includes Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Through the understanding of our theory lessons, Sattvic is defined as a state of harmony, where positive energy is exuded, and where liberation is possible. As explained in class, Sattvic timings are usually referred to from 4am – 8pm. This is where most yoga masters in India wakes up, as they believe that the purest time to be awake is before sunrise, and the right time to sleep is after sun sets. Rajasic is defined as the power of energy, and the state of movement. If one is rajasic, he/she can be very active, or could also mean that the person is frustrated. We tend to relate Rajasic to fire. Tamasic is the state of darkness, and people who belong in this category tend to be lazy and inactive, and can sometimes be described as being negative.

Apart from understanding the meanings of the 3 gunas, we are also able to relate them to the food that we eat daily. Nicole had us coming up with meal plans that belong to the acidic or alkaline categories, as well as compare them to the 3 gunas as mentioned above.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.18.37 pm

How do we relate the acidity and alkalinity with the 3 Gunas?

Alkaline food are usually the greens, and a wide variety of fruits, whereas we usually relate acidic food to meat, fish and sometimes even beans. Sattvic food are pure food which are food found in the alkalinity category, while some of the rajasic and most of the tamasic food are usually more acidic.

In conclusion, its recommended in the yoga philosophy to consume more alkaline food, because the category of food are alkaline. Apart from them being pure and because they usually are fresh and come from healthy origins, they also belong to Sattvic, which will help develop calmness in the mind and soul. Also, we might be able to develop the state of harmony. However, it is also important to consume tamasic (acidic) food because this group gives us proteins and strength to help build our muscles. Food in the tamasic group allow us to strengthen the body, and food in the rajasic (also acidic) group provides us with energy to keep us active for the day.

[Estee Ng, YTTC June 2015 Weekday Batch]