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Become Last Week from Bebe

I’m so great that I have join the class 200hr Hatha Vinyasa I have to say that I’m leaning and leaned so many lessons and I’m still want to join another courses if I can I already start to missing all of Teacher that I meet almost every day for 5week

Teacher Nicole

I have learned a lot from you specially for my headstand  and Theory study so many new thing that I have leaned

Teacher Jessica my powerful women

my Asana a lotttttt betterrrrrrr and My body are Strongerrrrrrrr in 5week because of you and Theory study

Alexis Home work QC and follow update Home work

DJ Chris Brown and Usher Song during Lunch time and a very cool Sunglasses

To All My Dear friend

Da , Estée,Steph,Jenni,and Mr.Muscles

your guys are wonderful person funny , friendly , kindly

Specially Thank you  Estée,Steph Always helpful to explain and Correctly my English Language

We’re all smiles ,laugh helping Ect (and never be angry when I’m teasing your guys)

Definitely I will missing all of you

Thank you IHA Yoga